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Are you on the edge of a map?




Our framed, postcode centred maps are based on the Ordnance Survey Select™ maps. Choose from the Explorer® Series 1:25 000 or the Landranger® Series 1:50 000, then centre the map on your home or location of your choice.

We do the leg work, producing a high quality framed, ready-to-hang map. Great for walkers, riders and cyclists and for planning that day out.

Personalize the map with a title,
sub-title and picture for a unique gift.

  Map Reproduced by Kind Permission of the Ordnance Survey  


Map in Mahogany Frame + Mount

Framed Map With Mount

Corner detail


If your postcode centred map brings in unwanted features such as built up areas or an expanse of coastal water, we can move the map to give a coverage of the area that would suit you best. We can also e-mail an image showing the coverage of your map before you buy.

Our maps are framed to a very high standard and are supplied ready-to-hang. The inkjet prints are mounted onto board to ensure they remain stable and do not 'cockle' or 'wave' due to temperature and humidity changes. The finished size of the map with key is approximately 111cm high x 105cm wide (44" x 40") for our wider mouldings, maps framed with mounts are approx. 102cm x 102cm. If you are limited by space, we can trim the map to your specifications - please contact us for details.

Prices start from £130, for our black frame. Click on frames below for further details.

Choose the following to produce your own unique map


Step 1:

The scale


Explorer® Series 1:25 000 covering a 10km (6.25 miles) radius




Landranger® Series 1:50 000 covering a 20km (12.5 mile) radius



Step 2:

The centre of your map based on your postcode or location of your choice

Step 3:

Choose a map with or without a mount.

The maps with mounts cannot include titles or photographs, but the finished frame looks very smart and compliments any room. The map itself is mounted onto board to prevent cockling with the top mount showing the map + latitude & longitude data around each edge.

Add a title. The new Ordnance Survey titles do not allow for much text which is quite restrictive. We print our own text with a black border and add this to the key section of the map. We can therefore adjust the size of the text to accommodate the text required. The titles are only available on maps without mounts and with the key.

If you would like a photograph on the key section of the map, we would require a 6" x 4" or 5" x 4" print to be sent to us. Please note, the height is not a problem, but we are restricted by the width of the key - approx. 4"/10cm and would need to trim accordingly.


Step 4:

Select a frame

Available in the mouldings shown below. Click image for enlarged view & more information

Rustic Pine Frame

  Honey Pine Frame  

Rustic Pine

  Honey Pine  

Dark Mahogany Frame

  Black Ash Frame  


  Wide Black  

Natural Ash Frame

  Black Ash Frame  

Natural Ash


Natural Oak Frame


Natural Oak


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