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Map Reproduced by Kind Permission of the Ordnance Survey  

Based on OS Select™ from the Ordnance Survey®, the maps are particularly useful for schools in the investigation of their local area and for the development of children's knowledge and understanding of where they live.

The large scale makes it easy for pupils to locate their schools on the maps, to work out routes and be able to give directions. The maps can be used to locate main features and identify land uses as well as the human and physical features of the area, along with settlement and economic activities.

The maps support the requirements of both Key Stage 1 and 2 in this area of the Geography curriculum. They can also be used in conjunction with the map distributed to schools by the Ordnance Survey®.

We can e-mail an image showing the coverage of your map before you buy. This provides the opportunity to adjust the map to include an important feature or location, or to lose large expanses of sea.

Our maps are framed to a very high standard and are supplied ready-to-hang. The inkjet prints are mounted on board to ensure they remain stable and do not 'cockle' or 'wave' due to temperature and humidity changes. They are supplied finished with a 3mm perspex. The perspex can be written on with appropriate pens & wiped off when required, making it a useful teaching aid.

The finished size of the map is approximately 100cm high x 110cm wide (40" x 44").

Prices from £130 + £30.00 p & p.


Follow the next 4 steps to produce your own unique map, then Order Your Map


Step 1:

The scale


Explorer® Series 1:25 000 covering a 10km (6.25 miles) radius



Landranger® Series 1:50 000 covering a 20km (12.5 mile) radius



Step 2:

Centre the map on your postcode or location of your choice


Step 3:

Personalize with a -


Main Title - e.g. School Name

Sub-title - e.g. School Motto

Step 4:

Select a frame


Available in the mouldings shown below. Click on image for enlarged view & more information.

Black Ash Frame

  Honey Pine Frame  


  Honey Pine  


Rusric Pine Frame


Rustic Pine



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The maps can be installed at 'pupil height' to increase accessibility.

The maps are supplied finished with 3mm perspex.